Jenny and Mario

Ashfield Congregation is a diverse group of people who take seriously Jesus’  commitment to serve others.

We believe God loves and values all people and dreams of a world where everyone has enough and lives in peace. Helping to create this dream here in our community motivates us in all we do.

We feed people: we find people a place to sleep if they need it. We help children who have fallen years behind in their reading and writing and get them back into the education system. We have support services of all sorts. We  work with refugees. And if we can’t help people directly, we have a referral service to all other agencies that can help.

And on top and underneath all that, there is a community here at Ashfield that can bring comfort, companionship and a sense of spiritual connection that will fill some of the holes that all the food, shelter, education and counseling in the world is unable to fill.

Come. Come, whoever you are,

Doesn’t matter if you’re an unbeliever,

Doesn’t matter if you’ve fallen a thousand times.

Come, come, whoever you are,

For this is not the door of hopelessness,

Come just as you are.